Member of technical staff: AI Digest

Remote • Full-time • $100k-$200k

Sage is looking for two members of technical staff to (1) ideate, design, build, and write interactive explainers and demos about AI progress for AI Digest, and (2) build relationships with our audience of policymakers and the public, and grow our readership.

Strong candidates might have at least two of:

  1. Experience with LLMs (e.g. building LLM-based products, doing research on LLMs, or avid power user of LLM tools)

  2. Strong web development experience (Typescript, Next, React)

  3. Experience in policy or journalism, or familiarity with AI policy

If you have any questions, get in touch by email or give anonymous feedback.

About AI Digest

AI Digest: Interactive explainers of AI capabilities and their effects

We aim to help policymakers and the public more viscerally understand current AI capabilities, what to expect next, and what the effects might be. To do this, we build interactive explainers and demos. So far we've built:

About this role

Things you might be doing in this role

  • Conceptualising and prioritizing ideas for explainers

  • Designing and building new explainers. This involves:

  • Building interactive demos for the web

  • Writing clear, accurate, and compelling explainers

  • Building relationships with our audience - policymakers, think tanks, media and the public

  • Collaborating with experts to accurately demonstrate frontier capabilities

  • Measuring our impact

  • Team structure: one team member will be project lead, and manage a team of 2-3

Examples of AI Digest explainers you might build

Interactive explainers and demos of:

  • GPT-5 capabilities

  • LLM persuasion capabilities

  • The cost-performance tradeoff and understanding the importance of inference compute

  • Trends towards superhuman capabilities (expanding on How fast is AI improving?)

  • A game where you guess which models can correctly complete a task (as in Carlini's challenge)

  • Something else that you come up with!

You might be a good fit for this role if

  • You have experience researching or building with LLMs

  • You're a skilled web developer - you could likely get hired at FAANG if you wanted to

  • You can explain technical concepts simply, concisely, and accurately

  • You have a background in policy work (e.g., you've worked or interned at a think tank or in government)

  • You have hands-on startup experience

  • You want to work fast, experiment, and wear many hats

  • You care deeply about the impact of your work

You don't need to meet all of the above to be a good fit. These are attributes we want the team as a whole to have, but we expect each team member will be stronger on some than others. If you're unsure, we'd strongly recommend applying!

Our tech stack

AI Digest is built with Typescript, Next, React, Prisma, Tailwind and TRPC.

Salary and benefits

  • The salary range is $100,000 to $200,000, depending on experience

  • The role is full-time and can be fully remote, or you can work with Adam in London or potentially other team members elsewhere (e.g. DC or Bay Area)

  • We may be able to sponsor US visas, or you can work remotely from any country

  • We'll bring the team together for retreats ~twice a year

  • Unlimited paid time off (we recommend at least 4-6 weeks per year)

  • We'll provide medical, dental, and vision insurance, coworking office seats, conference travel, and tech expenses

  • Your mentorship and personal development is a priority. We'll figure out what's best for you together - e.g., personal dev goals and review, pair programming, code review, weekly meetings, help finding external mentors

Applying for this role

Apply here.

The application process will involve a few stages:

  1. Apply
  2. Coding test (2hr)
  3. Take-home task (4-8hrs, paid)
  4. Interview (1hr)
  5. Work trial (paid, in-person in London by default, or we can find an alternative if this doesn't work for you)
  6. Offer

If you have any questions, comments, or would like to give feedback on why you've chosen not to apply, you can leave them here. Thank you - this will help us improve our hiring process.

We're an equal opportunity employer and strongly encourage candidates from all backgrounds to apply. If you are excited about this role but are unsure about whether you're the right fit, we encourage you to submit an application.

About us

Sage was founded in 2022. We build tools to make sense of the future. We run two projects: AI Digest, and our forecasting tools (Fatebook and Quantified Intuitions).

We're a small team: Adam Binks runs Sage full-time, and Eli Lifland, Misha Yagudin and Aaron Ho actively advise part-time. We've spent the last couple of years experimenting and building, startup-style. Now we're ready to expand both the AI Digest team and the forecasting tools team, so we can experiment faster, learn more, build more, and deliver on our mission.

Sage is funded by Open Philanthropy and individual donations. We're a 501(c)(3) charity registered in the US.

Sage Future Inc is funded by Open Philanthropy and individual donations, and is a 501(c)(3) charity registered in the United States.